We Help Gold Coast Businesses Grow & Scale With Digital Advertising

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you say, “Have I been searching for the right agency all this time?”.

You feel that there has to be a better way.

“What if they’re just telling everyone what they want them to hear.” Your confusion is constantly increasing and it’s like getting lost in an intricate maze with no map or compass.

You’re right, finding a Gold Coast digital marketing agency is not easy. From the outside, all agencies appear the same but on the inside you just know they’ll be very different.

So how do you find one that is the best fit for you?

Firstly, when you’re speaking to PixelRush we believe in having a conversation, rather than hard selling you to signup.

Secondly, we believe in providing massive value before we ask for anything in return. We do so by creating detailed video audits of your website and campaign highlighting exactly what we feel is holding you back and our strategies for fixing it.

So how does it work?  We will:

  • Complete a 30 minute strategy call (without any hard sell) to find out about your business and exactly what you need help with.
  • Conduct detailed video audits (obligation free) showing you the exact areas that are holding your website & campaigns back.
  • Provide a detailed proposal highlighting our processes, case studies and exact roadmap we’ll be using to scale your business.

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Why We Aren’t Like Other Agencies

There are thousands of digital agencies and counting in Australia, and they are all saying exactly the same thing making it almost impossible to choose. Here's why you should choose us.

We Get What "You" Do

We don’t take a cookie cutter approach; We're an anti-agency agency so to speak. We work with fewer clients so we have more time to work on your business and so we can grow with you.

No Lock In Contracts

We don’t need lock in contracts to make you stay; we build long term partnerships with our customers because we get you the results that other agencies simply couldn’t achieve.

Revenue Obsessed

We don’t care for vanity metrics; we track leads and sales and speak in your language, so you know exactly how your digital marketing is performing and which channels are generating your revenue.

Data Driven

We don’t just throw your money to the wind; we are data driven and process obsessed which arms us with the critical information we need to be laser focused on prospects and improve campaign performance.

Selective Partnerships

We won’t take your money if we can’t get results; we’ll only take you onboard after we’ve identified that our services are a good fit for your business, and we know we can achieve your goals.

Direct Point of Contact

We won’t put clueless account managers between us and you; you’ll speak directly to marketers that understand and are actively managing your campaigns.

Real Results. Real Australia Businesses

Increased Revenue by 64% in Just 12 Months

  • 64% Increase in annual revenue
  • 55% Increase in monthly revenue
  • 50% Increase in total traffic
  • 450% Return on Google Ad Spend
"Byron and the team at PixelRush have been a critical component of our success for over 6+ years. During this time we've seen a significant impact on both our traffic and direct revenue which all started with the rebuilding of our website and then ongoing SEO & PPC. Byron highlighted that our conversion rate was poor for our old website and upon launching the new site we saw an instantaneous improvement of almost double the online revenue in a single month. Night and day difference which has continued ever since."

General Manager
Fitzroy Island

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How Gibbs Wright Increased Leads Generated by 35% in Just 5 Months

  • Increased leads generated by over 35%
  • Increase visitors to the site by over 65%
  • Reduced paid cost per lead by 68%
  • Increased paid conversions by 333%
  • Scaled ad spend by 84%
"Byron, Maddie and Rob from PixelRush have been absolutely excellent. We've used numerous digital marketing agencies over the years and finally we have found one that provides quality service and real results. It is a bit early to tell but we set a record number of opened matters in the first month with PixelRush, and by the second month we had exceeded that record within 20 days causing us to urgently find more staff to take on the workload. So in short, very effective."

Spencer Wright
Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers

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Increased Revenue by 277% in Just 13 Months

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How Crime Victims increased Leads Per Month by 167%

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How Rec Xpress Increased Organic Conversions by 150% & Google Ads Conversions by 104%

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How Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing Increased Leads Per Month by 124%

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How Great Southern Sunnies Increased Organic Revenue by 165%

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We Service Businesses Australia Wide...

We service businesses Australia wide and we work with customers from all parts of Australia. Regardless of your location we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality in digital marketing services no matter where you are based.

We service these local areas and more:

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There's a reason why our campaigns generate an average of $8 return on ad spend (roas) when most agencies only get $2.3

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