Our campaigns are driven by data. No guesswork – just the facts. We offer a 90 day performance guarantee which provides you with peace of mind that we are driven by results and won’t just take your money. We do however recommend that clients’ come on-board with a long term mindset and with the view of 6 to 12 months to drive exponential ROI to your business.

Phase 1 – Strategy

Firstly, we scrutinise your competitors & industry and identify the critical areas of your website that are currently holding you back. We identify key search terms, that attract customers with buying intent, and craft a strategy we know will drive more leads to your brand.

Work we complete

  • Gathering technical accounts
  • Understanding your business & sales goals
  • Identifying who your target customers
  • Set initial goals and objectives
  • Review your website & backlinks for any immediate concerns
  • Identify the key technical areas that are holding your website back.
  • Review 10 of your competitors and their websites
  • Identify the key search terms that attract visitors with buying intent.
  • Ensuring your website is responsive and built for conversions

Estimated time: 4 – 6 hours, depending on the size of your site.

Phase 2 – Onpage

Secondly, we get hands on with your site, converting it into a search engine magnet for your key terms. Your on-page optimisation plays a significant role in the performance of your campaign. Not only will this stage improve your existing rankings, it also improves the visibility of your website to a much wider range of relevant customer search terms.

Work we complete

  • Optimising meta tags (title, meta description, header tags etc).
  • Improving site structure and content organisation.
  • Improving copy across multiple facets (search optimisation, social proof, information value, unique selling propositions)
  • Improving site speed.
  • Improve local targeting through region or suburb pages
  • Removing low quality backlinks

Estimated time: Anywhere from 15 hours to a number of months depending on

  • How big your website is
  • The type of corrective work that is required
  • How aggressive you choose to be with local targeting of regions/suburbs.
  • How easy your website content management system is to work with (we recommend WordPress)

Phase 3 – Offpage

Thirdly, we use google friendly strategies, such as content and outreach, to build high quality links to your website without any risk of penalties or algorithm updates. Gaining external links is an important for gaining high rankings especially when working in competitive industries.

Work we complete

  • Submission of local citations ie. (Truelocal, Flying Solo, Yelp, Hot frog etc)
  • Submission of your site to Google+ My Business, Bing Places.
  • Reverse engineering competitor backlinks
  • Use targeted search operator queries to identify link opportunities
  • Guest blogging on relevant websites and major Australia business websites.
  • PR using sites like Sourebottle.com
  • Any form of outreach required to build discovered links.

Estimated time: Recurring 10 – 15 hours per month at a minimum. In most cases this will begin at somewhere between month 3 – 4 of your campaign.

Phase 4 – Content Marketing

Lastly, we multiply your organic traffic and search visibility by using content to target your customers at different stages of the buying life-cycle. Content is our key strategy for increasing the volume of visitors to your website each month and is used to create exponential growth the longer your campaign continues.

Work we complete

  • We include a minimum of two (2) 600 – 800 word landing page(s) articles for your blog each month. These articles are created by our in-house copywriters.
  • We also include smaller re-purposed articles as required (based off your original blog content) which are used for guest blog and outreach opportunities.

Estimated time: Recurring 10 – 15 hours per month in conjunction with phase 3. In most cases your ongoing hours will be spent between phase 3 and 4 from the third month onward.