Google Shopping

Scale Your eCommerce Store To 6 Figure Months.

“Google Ads is too expensive”….or is it ?

Imagine spending 17k in 30 days and generating 436k in sales ($25.44 return for every $1 spent).

Like we did for this toy store….

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Google Shopping ads produces results like this every day.

And in my opinion, Google Shopping ads are the single most cost effective way to market your eCommerce business right now.

Unlike other channels you don’t need any of these…

A lead magnet ..

A funnel ..

Fancy marketing automation…

Creating and setting up those assets takes time. And a whole lotta cashola’.

With Shopping ads you don’t need any extra “bulk”.

This is critical, ESPECIALLY for eCommerce where the  margins can be tight.

With Google Shopping you’re attracting “wallet out” prospects who are ready to buy.

And the best part of that?

You’re only paying 20c to 80c per click to get them to your site (very cheap!) rather than $1-3 on other platforms.

It’s why achieving a $6-8 return on ad spend isn’t as hard as you might think…

Especially when you’re working with an experienced agency that specialises in it (like PixelRush).

If you don’t know where to start or you’re struggling to make profit.

Speak to us today. No hard sell, no pushy sales, just a conversation.

Our results below will speak for themselves.