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PixelRush Rated 5.0 based on 23 reviews.

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Brain Wellness Spa is a Perth-based mental health clinic that helps people overcome all types of mental illnesses using cutting edge neuro therapy techniques.

Over a 3-year period Terri invested over $100,000 with 7 different SEO agencies, with very disappointing results.

By 2016 Terri was almost ready to give up on SEO and digital marketing. She decided to give it one last try, hoping she had learnt from past mistakes. After interviewing 10 different companies Terri decided to engage PixelRush for SEO services, even though initially she thought the monthly fee was a little over her budget.

After 13 months with PixelRush, and a combined strategy of new website, SEO & PPC, Brain Wellness Spa increased revenue by 228%.

Terri, owner and founder of Brain Wellness Spa, now knows that for every $1 her business spends with PixelRush it will return $6 to $7 dollars or more.

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PixelRush Rated 5.0 based on 23 reviews.

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