After Engaging Pixelrush for a Website Redesign & SEO, Gutterline…

Increased Their Goal Completions by 2400% and Increased their Number of Ranking Keywords by 5200% Within 5 Months

Increased Backlinks
Increased Ranking Keywords
Increased Organic Sessions
Increased Goal Completions

About Gutterline

Gutterline is a team of guttering specialists who offer gutter installation, repair, cleaning and maintenance services in every suburb in Sydney.

They have been providing Sydney residents with high-quality, effective and affordable gutter services for their homes, buildings and properties for over 20 years now.

The Problems

Before engaging Pixelrush in March/April 2021, this was Gutterline’s SEO and website situation:

  • They were getting zero organic traffic
  • They only had 78 backlinks to their site
  • They had a domain rating of 4.8 (Ahrefs)
  • Their site was ranking for only 6 keywords.
  • They had zero “goal completions” (the number of people phoning them, or completing their enquiry form, or emailing them from their website).
  • Their number of sessions was 87 total (67 were organic)
  • Their website’s conversion rate was 1.15%
  • Their site had service pages and had 21 location pages before we worked with Gutterline.



Here are some of the solutions we implemented:

Created Suburb Pages

Between April and August 2021, we updated their meta titles and descriptions. We initially focused on creating suburb pages to start attracting users. We created 25 suburb pages in total within this time period.

Content Marketing

From August 2021 to March 2022, we wrote blog posts for the site and also rewrote their main Sydney location page. This was on top of our continued work on their suburb pages. Over this time period, we saw a continued increase in activity on the site.

Website Redesign

Before rolling out their website redesign on April 2022, they had:

  • 17 goal completions
  • 296 sessions
  • conversion rate 5.12%
  • Keywords 129
  • Their highest ranking keyword was at position 1.
  • They had 13 keywords in top 10 positions.

We rolled out their redesigned website in mid April 2022. We continued building suburb pages and blog posts. Their main Sydney location page continues to attract the most traffic and is their top page where goal completions occur from. Some service pages, suburb pages and blog posts also gained more traction.

As a result of the new site design and the content we’ve created and published, Gutterline started to pick up more keywords and traffic. You can easily compare their “before” and “after” stats using the table below:


Before Engaging Pixelrush for SEO
(March 2021)
Before Engaging Pixelrush for Website Redesign
(April 2022)
4 Months After Website Redesign
(1st August 2022)
Backlinks: 78 Backlinks: 176 Backlinks: 212
Domain Rating: 4.8 Domain Rating: 6 Domain Rating: 7
Keywords: 6 Keywords: 129 Keywords: 319
0 keywords in Top 10 position 13 keywords in Top 10 position 30+ keywords in Top 10 position
Top ranking keyword is at position 45 Top ranking keyword is at position 1 Top ranking keyword is at position 1
Ave organic visitors: 61 Ave organic visitors: 277 Ave organic visitors: 399
Organic goal completions: 0-2 per month Organic goal completions: 17 Organic goal completions: 50
Total Sessions: 87 Total Sessions: 388 Total Sessions: 493
Conversion Rate: 1.15% Conversion Rate: 5.12% Conversion Rate: 10.95%


As a result of our work, Gutterline is enjoying the following improvements:

From March 2021 to August 2021:

  • 134% increase in number of backlinks
  • 5200% increase in number of keywords
  • 504% increase in organic sessions
  • 2400% increase in goal completions

From April 2022 to August 2022 (after the website redesign):

  • 194% increase in goal completions since rollout of new website
  • 147% increase in keywords since new website design rollout
  • 66% increase in sessions since new website rollout

For them to continue reaping the benefits, we have ongoing work that involves:

  • Reworking some of the lesser performing service pages
  • Continuing to build location pages
  • Continuing to write blog posts
  • Fine-tuning some design elements on key pages
  • Ongoing performance tracking and optimisation

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