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It’s no secret that SEO agencies carry a nasty reputation. In fact, there are 1000s of SEO agencies in Australia and all of them are saying exactly the same thing.

Promising you a “magic wand 90-day guarantee”, a rapid sales “explosion” and faster and more “first page” results than the next one making it almost impossible for you to choose.

And when you do choose, your high hopes quickly turn into false promises, excuses and lost $$$. From the outside, we might look the same as the last agency you hired, but under the hood you’ll see our results are very different.

When you work with Pixelrush, you’re engaging in a “results-based partnership” and it’s one of the reasons why our average customer retention is over 18 months.

In fact, unlike other agencies taking on customers at scale, using ‘churn and burn’ strategies, we actually work with fewer customers, so that we can maintain our quality and get your business the results you deserve.

It means that if your business does not grow and thrive, neither will ours. We want to scale with you, not by using you. So, let’s talk, I promise it will be the change you’re looking for.

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Why We Aren’t Like Other Agencies

There are thousands of digital agencies and counting in Australia, and they are all saying exactly the same thing making it almost impossible to choose. Here's why you should choose us.

We Get What "You" Do

We don’t take a cookie cutter approach; We're an anti-agency agency so to speak. We work with fewer clients so we have more time to work on your business and so we can grow with you.

No Lock In Contracts

We don’t need lock in contracts to make you stay; we build long term partnerships with our customers because we get you the results that other agencies simply couldn’t achieve.

Revenue Obsessed

We don’t care for vanity metrics; we track leads and sales and speak in your language, so you know exactly how your digital marketing is performing and which channels are generating your revenue.

Data Driven

We don’t just throw your money to the wind; we are data driven and process obsessed which arms us with the critical information we need to be laser focused on prospects and improve campaign performance.

Selective Partnerships

We won’t take your money if we can’t get results; we’ll only take you onboard after we’ve identified that our services are a good fit for your business, and we know we can achieve your goals.

Direct Point of Contact

We won’t put clueless account managers between us and you; you’ll speak directly to marketers that understand and are actively managing your campaigns.

Real Businesses. Real Results. Real ROI

We're not here to bamboozle you with fancy sales speak, we simply let our results do the talking. Our SEO is the way it's meant to be done, 100% Ethical, White Hat and built to give your business a consistent and long lasting source of leads and sales.

How Gibbs Wright Increased Leads Generated by 35% in Just 5 Months

  • Increased leads generated by over 35%
  • Increase visitors to the site by over 65%
  • Reduced paid cost per lead by 68%
  • Increased paid conversions by 333%
  • Scaled ad spend by 84%
"Byron, Maddie and Rob from PixelRush have been absolutely excellent. We've used numerous digital marketing agencies over the years and finally we have found one that provides quality service and real results. It is a bit early to tell but we set a record number of opened matters in the first month with PixelRush, and by the second month we had exceeded that record within 20 days causing us to urgently find more staff to take on the workload. So in short, very effective."

Spencer Wright
Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers

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How Great Southern Sunnies Increased Organic Revenue by 220%

  • 1915% Increase In Monthly Visitors
  • 4361% Increase in Gross Sales
  • 1205% Ave Increase in Ranking Keywords
  • 7 figures in Online Sales generated
"Byron and his team have become the most important part of our online business. Byron has always been available over the 18 months we have worked together and the $25k I wasted on other self proclaimed SEO big boys in the year prior is a distant memory. Traffic, conversions and sales are up many multiples of what they were and we have just finished the design of a magnificent new website together. Could not be happier with Pixelrush."

Kenny Southwell
Great Southern Sunnies

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How AusBody Works Increased Organic Sales & Traffic by 711%

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How Brain Wellness Spa Increased Revenue by 277% in Just 13 Months

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How Fitzroy Island Resort Increased Revenue by 64% in Just 12 Months

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How Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing Increased Leads Per Month by 124%

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How Great Southern Sunnies Increased Organic Revenue by 220%

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What's Included In Our SEO Services

12 Month Roadmaps

We don’t just fly by the seat of our pants, making up things as we go; Every campaign is set to a 12-month roadmap of work tailored specially to the goals we’ve set with you.

Live Dashboards & Detailed Reporting

SEO shouldn’t be a dark and mysterious art; Everything we do with you is 100% shared with you giving you a fully transparent service.

Content That Attracts Customers

Unlike other agencies we won’t ignore content or produce content that doesn’t make sense; All of our content is written to attract and convert more of your ideal customers and to amplify your organic visibility

Quality & Relevant Links

Unlike other agencies we don't take shortcuts with links; We prospect and find the most relevant and authoritative links that will have the biggest impact on your rankings.

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