Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers

After Engaging PixelRush For SEO & Google Ads Gibbs Wright...

Increased Leads Generated By 35% in Just 5 Months

Increase in leads generated
Increase in visitors to the site
Reduction in paid cost per lead
Increased in paid conversions

About Gibbs Wright

Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers negotiate complex multi-million-dollar lawsuits through to personal disputes.

They are among the one per cent of law firms that engages exclusively in litigation.


Gibbs Wright approached PixelRush after working with a well known digital agency in the space.

Spencer and the team felt that the existing agency was busy, had a lot on their plate and generally did not feel they were receiving the attention they deserved for the price of management they were paying.

They wanted to work with a boutique agency, an agency they could scale with based on performance. At PixelRush we work with fewer clients and scale with you, rather than by the sheer number of clients we take on.

They were looking to improve the performance of their Google Ad spend and SEO and scale towards becoming the largest litigation firm in Queensland.

Since working with them, they are now scaling into new states (which they’d previously not expected to do) based on the results we’re achieving with their digital campaigns.



PixelRush audited the Gibbs Wright's entire current online marketing at the time. We discovered many areas we knew could be improved dramatically including:

Restructured Google Ads Campaign

Converted a struggling adwords campaign into a structured and highly profitable campaign by improving conversion tracking, campaign structure and removing significant waste.

Conversion Optimisation of Existing Site

The site was using generic stock images which were hurting the overall trust in their online brand. We guided Gibbs on the importance of using professional images and videos to increase the conversion rate of the website.

Search Optimisation

Focused our SEO efforts on keywords that generated sales, not just traffic or high rankings, and attracting customers with buying intent.

Multi-State Scaling

Implemented a strategy to scale their business from their primary location of Queensland into Victoria and New South Wales. We generated over 50 leads in the first month for a brand new location.

Content Marketing

Implementing proven, whitehat SEO techniques including original, high quality content marketing to attract customers at different stages of the buying life-cycle.


"Byron, Maddie and Rob from PixelRush have been absolutely excellent. We've used numerous digital marketing agencies over the years and finally we have found one that provides quality service and real results. It is a bit early to tell but we set a record number of opened matters in the first month with PixelRush, and by the second month we had exceeded that record within 20 days causing us to urgently find more staff to take on the workload. So in short, very effective."

Spencer Wright

And after just 5 months working with PixelRush, Gibbs Wright has now:

  • Increased leads generated by over 35%
  • Increase visitors to the site by over 65%
  • Reduced paid cost per lead by 68%
  • Increased paid conversions by 333%
  • Scaled ad spend by 84%
  • Scaled business into new states/locations.

In terms of the business, Gibbs has now:

  • Used numerous digital marketing agencies over the years and finally, we have found one that provides quality service and real results.
  • Set a record number of opened matters in the first month with PixelRush
  • By the second month, we had exceeded that record within 20 days causing us to urgently find more staff to take on the workload.
  • Scaled to two office spaces
  • Hired many new lawyers and team members

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How Gibbs Wright Increased Leads Generated by 35% in Just 5 Months

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