After Engaging Pixelrush for Google Ads, ROCKBROS…

Enjoyed a 306% Return on Their Ad Spend Within 9 Months

406% All-Time Return on Ad Spend
582% ROAS for 1-30 August 2022
210% Sales Increase within Month 1
25% Conversion Rate Increase (Month 1)


Rockbros Australia provides a wide range of premium quality bicycle accessories for cyclists at affordable prices. The brand itself is known worldwide and has built a solid reputation for its excellent workmanship quality, appealing and attractive design, high functionality, and low prices.

The Problems

Before engaging Pixelrush in August 2021, the Rockbros Australian website did not have things set up properly in place yet in terms of Google Ads or data gathering.

  • They were not tracking things properly.
  • They were using Google’s “Smart” campaign (which is not the same as Smart Shopping), which is an automated way of running Google Ads.
  • Because Smart Campaigns are aimed at helping new businesses get started but without all the technicalities and, therefore, have limited configurations.
  • Smart campaigns have been oversimplified so you as an advertiser have less control.
  • For obvious reasons, “smart” campaigns don’t typically work that well in terms of ROI creating a lot of waste for RockBros


Here are some of the solutions we implemented:

Shopping Campaigns

Tiered shopping campaigns require a manual configuration and allow you to separate cool, warm and hot shopping search terms.

Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns

We used Dynamic Search Ads to target more BoFu (Bottom of Funnel) search terms and to create more “perfect matches” across all their ads and landing pages.

DSA’s are perfect for sites with numerous products and/or content as it’s challenging to create an ad group for every single product you have.

Search Campaigns

We segmented their search campaigns according to their product range and how their website was mapped.

Brand Campaigns

We created brand campaigns to protect their brand name and prevent their competitors from stealing their hottest prospects.

Conversion Tracking Setup

We set up their contact forms and made sure everything was getting tracked properly like the view product pages, add to cart, dynamic retargeting, checkout purchase, overall purchase value, etc.

Dynamic Retargeting

We setup dynamic retargeting ensure that we accurately tracked the products visitors were looking at on the site and tailored the remarketing to these exact products.

First month sales increase

(Actual figures are hidden for privacy purposes.)

Then sales went up another 40% the following month after we started working with them (shown below).

(Actual figures are hidden for privacy purposes)

As A Result of Our Work

ROCKBROS enjoyed the following returns..

  • 406% all-time return on ad spend (from Aug 2021 to May 2022).
  • 582% overall ROAS for 1-30 August 2022 alone.
  • 210% sales increase within the first month (August).
    Their sales went up another 40% in September.
  • 25% increase in their Conversion Rate within the first month.

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Rockbros Enjoyed a 306% Return on Their Google Ad Spend Within 9 Months
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