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We help you to get the results that other agencies failed to achieve.

Finally, Google Ad Campaigns That Generate ROI...

It can be easy to think that Google Ads is getting more expensive, especially if you’re doing it yourself or working with an inexperienced agency.

In fact, most agencies treat Google ads like a slot machine. Gambling your hard-earned money and using a ‘set and forget’ approach.

They’ll throw a lot of stuff at the wall… to see what sticks.

Sure, sometimes they’ll get a big win.

But more often, it just creates stress and leaves you with less money than when you started.

From the outside, we might look the same as the last agency you hired, but under the hood you’ll see our results are very different.

When you work with Pixelrush, you’re engaging in a “results-based partnership” and it’s one of the reasons why our average customer retention is over 18 months.

Our campaigns are meticulously structured and are optimised on a weekly basis. We hate wasted spend as much as you do!

In fact, unlike other agencies who take on customers at scale, using ‘churn and burn’ strategies, we actually work with fewer customers, so that we can maintain our quality and get your business the results you deserve.

It means that if your business does not grow and thrive, neither will ours. We want to scale with you, not by using you. So, let’s talk, I promise it will be the change you’re looking for.

Why We Aren’t Like Other Agencies

There are thousands of digital agencies and counting in Australia, and they are all saying exactly the same thing making it almost impossible to choose. Here's why you should choose us.

We Get What "You" Do

We don’t take a cookie cutter approach; We're an anti-agency agency so to speak. We work with fewer clients so we have more time to work on your business and so we can grow with you.

No Lock In Contracts

We don’t need lock in contracts to make you stay; we build long term partnerships with our customers because we get you the results that other agencies simply couldn’t achieve.

Revenue Obsessed

We don’t care for vanity metrics; we track leads and sales and speak in your language, so you know exactly how your digital marketing is performing and which channels are generating your revenue.

Data Driven

We don’t just throw your money to the wind; we are data driven and process obsessed which arms us with the critical information we need to be laser focused on prospects and improve campaign performance.

Selective Partnerships

We won’t take your money if we can’t get results; we’ll only take you onboard after we’ve identified that our services are a good fit for your business, and we know we can achieve your goals.

Direct Point of Contact

We won’t put clueless account managers between us and you; you’ll speak directly to marketers that understand and are actively managing your campaigns.

Real Businesses. Real Results. Real ROI.

We're not here to bamboozle you with fancy sales speak, we simply let our results do the talking. We spend your money like it's our own and hate wasted spend just as much as you do.

How Gibbs Wright Increased Leads Generated by 35% in Just 5 Months

  • Increased leads generated by over 35%
  • Increase visitors to the site by over 65%
  • Reduced paid cost per lead by 68%
  • Increased paid conversions by 333%
  • Scaled ad spend by 84%

"Byron, Maddie and Rob from PixelRush have been absolutely excellent. We've used numerous digital marketing agencies over the years and finally we have found one that provides quality service and real results. It is a bit early to tell but we set a record number of opened matters in the first month with PixelRush, and by the second month we had exceeded that record within 20 days causing us to urgently find more staff to take on the workload. So in short, very effective."

Spencer Wright
Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers

How Great Southern Sunnies Increased Organic Revenue by 220%

  • 1915% Increase In Monthly Visitors
  • 4361% Increase in Gross Sales
  • 1205% Ave Increase in Ranking Keywords
  • 7 figures in Online Sales generated

"Byron and his team have become the most important part of our online business. Byron has always been available over the 18 months we have worked together and the $25k I wasted on other self proclaimed SEO big boys in the year prior is a distant memory. Traffic, conversions and sales are up many multiples of what they were and we have just finished the design of a magnificent new website together. Could not be happier with Pixelrush."

Josh & Kenny Southwell
Great Southern Sunnies
How Gibbs Wright Increased Leads Generated by 35% in Just 5 Months
How Great Southern Sunnies Increased Organic Revenue by 220%
How Brain Wellness Spa Increased Revenue by 277% in Just 13 Months
How Fitzroy Island Resort Increased Revenue by 64% in Just 12 Months

What's Included In Our PPC Services

Live Dashboards

PPC shouldn’t be a dark and mysterious art; Everything we do with you is 100% shared with you giving you a fully transparent service.

Weekly Tuning

We won't just apply the "set and forget approach; We're constantly tuning your campaign to squeeze out the maximum returns from your budget.

Click Fraud Protected

We won't let your competition take advantage of you; All our campaigns are protected by PPC Protect which reduces fraudulent and invalid clicks and saves you money.

Get Results Like These

There's a reason why our campaigns generate an average of $8 return on ad spend (roas) when most agencies only get $2.3

Why Customers Love PixelRush

Million Dollar Google Ads Secrets: Double Your Leads & Sales in 30 Days

Profit from everything I’ve learnt after spending over $1 million on Google Ads per year plus 15,000+ hours of studying, tweaking, testing, and mastering my strategy.

Download The Guide Now To:

  • Create ads that demand attention and attract prospects with high buying intent.
  • Get no B.S., no-fluff, actionable strategies that I’ve used to deliver predictable, consistent and scalable sales growth to our customers’ businesses.(And yes – these strategies work regardless of the focus and size of your business.)
  • Learn how to fine-tune your ads and landing pages so that the right people are seeing them, clicking them, and they are converting into leads.
  • Master the technique we use to convert even cold and lukewarm prospects into leads.
  • 5 things you must implement to improve the user’s landing page experience and compel visitors to take the action you want.
  • Bonus: Get a 7-day mini-course that will walk you through the exact steps to build a high-ROI Google Ads campaign for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer any PPC guarantees?

    Yes, we guarantee to outperform any existing agency campaigns in 90 days. If we do not reach our guarantee then we’ll give you double the amount of hours on your existing retainer until we achieve it. If you’re unsatisfied in your current campaign in any way then we encourage you to get in touch. We’ll conduct a video review, detailing exactly what’s going wrong in your campaign and how we can fix it.

  • Why is Pixelrush the best Google Ads agency?

    You only have to take a look at our results to see that what we do is anything but average. Customers come to us because they are tired of the stress of under-performing campaigns that leave them with more costs than when they started. We are high performance agency and build partnerships with our clients based on results. It’s one of the reasons why our average customer  stays with us for 18 months plus and more. When you work with Pixelrush, you’re working with an experienced team, not entry level graduates, and there’s a reason why we only have five star reviews to show. We’re so confident that we’re the best that we offer a 90 day performance guarantee, if we don’t outperform your existing campaigns we’ll double the time spend on your campaign until we do.

  • Will Google Ads work for my business?

    Absolutely! While many will tell you Google Ads is becoming too expensive, it’s  more likely that it’s configured poorly and money is being wasted on what we term as “traffic traps” which gives the impression that it’s expensive. We consistently see very high ROI from Google Ads and it’s a great strategy that can start working for you business immediately. While most agencies are preaching $1 in for $4 out, we’re constantly achieving $6 or more and for some as high as $17 or more.

  • Are you a Google Ads Partner?

    Yes, absolutely! All of our Google team is a certified Google Ads Partner. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re also AdSkills trained and have spent hundreds of thousands of combined hours scouring the inter-webs to learn, master and perfect our  Google Ads strategies.  We aren’t like other Google Ads agencies, employing graduates and interns fresh out of school who have never spent a dime of their own. All our team has spent and practised with their own money before spending any of yours. It means we know what it feels like to spend our own money and that’s exactly how we treat your money, like it was our own and that every $1 matters. We take this stuff VERY seriously…,  it’s why we offer a 90 day out performance guarantee on your Google Ads campaign. We believe there isn’t one campaign in Australia that we can’t out perform due to our experience and strict internal processes. If you want to see what kind of impact we can have then get in touch about managing your Google Ads campaign today.

  • Do you offer any Google Ads management guarantees?

    Yes, we guarantee to outperform any existing agency campaigns in 90 days. If we do not reach our guarantee then we’ll give you double the amount of hours on your existing retainer until we achieve it. If you’re unsatisfied in your current campaign in any way then we encourage you to get in touch. We’ll conduct a video review, detailing exactly what’s going wrong in your campaign and how we can fix it.

  • Are you Google Shopping Certified?

    Yes, PixelRush is a Google Partner and our team is actively completing and maintaining the appropriate Google Certifications which includes the Google Shopping Certification. While certifications are great and they show a degree of competence we still value our experience more. We’ve worked with hundreds of eCommerce businesses and on average achieve a $6-8 roas for our clients.

  • Why do I need a Google Ads agency?

    Google Ads when correctly setup and continually optimised is the best investment you can make to grow your business. At PixelRush, we’re more than just a Google Ads agency, we not only focus on making your campaigns run more cost effectively but also improving your landing pages/website and the quality of yours leads, all of these are critical to your success. We’ve also helped our clients to not only improve the quality of leads but to track and optimise around customers rather than leads. Finally, we also frequently eliminate significant amounts of waste in the first 30 days, leaving your campaigns healthier and more profitable and quickly putting money back into your pocket, this often as up to thousands in the first 30 days and tens of thousands over the next 12 months in saved costs. Using an agency saves your valuable time and leaves Google and all of the ongoing optimisation requirements in the hands of a team that you trust to deliver real results.

  • Why haven’t Google Ads worked for me?

    Put simply, running ad campaigns in-house without knowing how to continually optimise the platform and qualify leads can be a recipe for burning money fast. It’s no different to working out in the gym without a trainer, you can work out all day but if you don’t have the right strategy then you may not reach your dream physique.  Alternatively, no results can also be the result of “churn and burn” agencies who lock you in and deliver nothing. Results speak for themselves so ensure you find an agency which has the experience and the evidence to prove it. Lastly, there’s many components of Google Ads, your campaigns are just one of them. At PixelRush, we focus on your landing pages, your lead quality and we can help you see your offer in new ways so that your ideal customers practically beg to give you their money. Google Ads is more than just your campaigns if you really want to maximise it’s potential.