After Engaging Pixelrush for a new website. SEO & Google Ads, iROCK Music School…

Enjoyed a 263% increase in leads generated across all channels

209% increase in organic traffic
233% increase in Google Ad leads
45% reduction in cost per lead
196% increase in ad spend while maintaining CPL

About iROCK Music School

iROCK Music School offers fun and exciting music lessons making it easy to learn for any level of experience using their proven 1234 iROCK Method.

Their 1234 iROCK method personalises students learning experience, incorporating proven teaching strategies that allow students to master lessons more quickly.

From humble beginnings operating from the comfort of their home to now enjoying a large studio space fitted with state-of-the-art music pods and equipment, iROCK Music School has rapidly become Melbourne’s premier rock music school.

The Problems

  • After a brief hiatus, the business was restarted and needed to rebuild its customer base.
  • The site was outdated and needed to be modernised based to improve the performance of its marketing.
  • The site had lost all of its prior SEO and needed to be re-indexed from scratch.
  • The site needed more doorway pages for instrument types and locations both for organic and paid traffic.


Here are some of the solutions we implemented:

Website Conversion Optimisation

The site was redesigned from the ground up starting with a complete copy overhaul before turning it into a fully custom-designed and developed website that would form the base of all future marketing.

Google Search Ads

The previous Google Ads account was completely overhauled. The ad account was designed to create “perfect matches” by matching “<instrument type> + lesson” search terms to the most ideal landing page.

Google Ad Negative Lists

We rapidly improved the number of negative keywords which significantly reduced the waste of all campaigns by not targeting irrelevant locations and/or irrelevant instructions or lesson types.

Conversion Tracking Setup

We set up all of their conversion tracking to ensure that we tracked everything from phone calls to form enquiries allowing us to have the data to optimise their campaigns very quickly and for iROCK to get a clear picture on how their marketing was performing.

Search Optimisation

We optimised all of their instrument lesson pages so that prospective customers would not only find them on “music school” search terms but also on terms like “guitar lessons. We also built out location pages to target suburbs surrounding the music school.

Online Music Lessons

We helped them to pivot to online music lessons through the Covid-19 pandemic allowing them to continue to operate and attract customers Australia-wide in a very challenging period for all businesses.


"The work PixelRush has done with our website and Google ads campaigns has given our business the lift and boost it needed to fly. Without their services and advice I’d be spending countless hours trying to work things out for myself. For a great price the value our business receives from PixelRush is invaluable. Their team is friendly, efficient, organised, committed and knowledgeable. I trust and recommend them to any business needing similar assistance. You won’t find anyone doing this work better than them!!!"

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iROCK Enjoyed a 263% Increase in Leads Generated Across All Channels
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