After Engaging PixelRush For SEO & Google Ads Wall Art...

Enjoyed an 84% increase in Ad Revenue within 3 Months and Ranked Among the Top 3 in Organic Search Results for 449 Keywords Within 5 Months

84% Increase in PPC revenue in 3 months
25% Decrease in cost per conversion in 3 months
60% Increase in the number of organic keywords within 5 months
40% Increase in return on ad spend in 3 months

About Wall Art

Note: For confidentiality and due to the success of the campaign the client has requested we change the name in our case study. We will refer to it as “Wall Art”.

Wall Art works with select artists and art suppliers to provide art prints, wallpaper and wall decals perfect for adorning modern, contemporary spaces.

Customers can choose from their wide selection, choose the frame option, and Wall Art will frame it in their workshop in Melbourne using sustainably sourced hardwood timber moulding. The gallery-worthy art arrives at the customer’s door, ready to hang and bring joy.

The Challenge

When we first audited Wall Art, these were some of the opportunities we uncovered…

  • They were heavily reliant on the results of their Smart Shopping campaign and didn’t have any search campaigns active. This was the biggest opportunity for their future.
  • The historic search campaigns were not organised and included 30+ keywords that covered multiple themes and categories. This meant the campaigns did not perform well as their ads showed for too many search terms.
  • They were not tracking both micro and macro conversions. Other than sales, they weren’t tracking newsletter signups, phone calls, form submissions, live chat engagement, etc.
  • The account had NO negative keyword lists. This meant that a big chunk of their ad spend was being squandered because their ads were showing up for countless irrelevant and wasteful search terms.
  • They didn’t have a brand name campaign so they weren’t always showing even when people searched for their brand.

Moreover, they were getting some  brand name conversions in their Dynamic Search Ads campaigns. This skewed the data in those campaigns and it was difficult to identify what performed well and what didn’t.

(Website not created by PixelRush)


We laid the foundations that enabled Wall Art to pick an abundance of low-hanging fruits (low effort, low cost, big wins).

Organised their campaigns

We organised their campaigns in a way that made it super easy for them to understand what was working, and what wasn’t, and by how much.

Segmented their shopping campaigns

We segmented their shopping campaigns in a way that allowed them to stop spending on low performing product categories and invest more on the winners.

Created a brand name campaign for them

We created a brand name campaign for them to make sure they show up whenever people search for their brand, and to ensure other search campaigns are not skewed with brand name searches.

Tracked and analysed the results of each state in Australia

We tracked and analysed the results of each state in Australia so they could compare and always know what the best performing area was.

Put a Click Fraud solution

We put a Click Fraud solution in place to prevent robots or competitors from clicking their ads and costing them money.

Stopped the high-risk automatic bidding strategies

We stopped the high-risk automatic bidding strategies that they were utilising, opting for a more controlled approach that improves return on ad spend.

For SEO, we performed a keyword gap analysis

We performed a keyword gap analysis to see where our largest opportunities were compared to competitors. We then leveraged this information to create high quality content on Wall Art’s Collection pages.

Cleaned up the meta titles and descriptions

We cleaned up the meta titles and descriptions of the entire site by removing generic or duplicated stuff and focused on the products. We made changes that included key elements like the artist name, the art style, and descriptions of the products. This increased the likelihood of getting clicked through in the search results.

Created organised Negative Keywords Lists

We created organised Negative Keywords Lists, which prevented them from wasting their marketing budget on irrelevant and wasteful keywords.

Targeted our messaging

We targeted our messaging to people who already had an idea of the style of print they wanted.


"Last year has been a successful year for our business. We really appreciate your team’s help, especially with SEM which contributed a significant part to the growth. We have been growing at a 50+% increase in revenue every year in the past 3 years."

Wall Art

Just within 5 months working with PixelRush, Wall Art has now:

  • 84% Increase in PPC revenue in 3 months.
  • 25% Decrease in cost per conversion in 3 months.
  • 40% Increase in return on ad spend in 3 months.

(Time period comparison was made between April to June 2021 VS January to March 2021)

In terms of their SEO:

  • 60% increase in the number of organic keywords within 5 months. (From 4144 keywords to 6933 keywords)
  • Achieved ranking on over 6,800 organic keywords within 5 months.
  • Achieved a top 3 position in 449 keywords within 5 months.

(Their starting point was 259 keywords)

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